We proudly unveil the new look Jos LeBel

Jos LeBel Containers has been re-branded and we’re very excited to let the world know.

We have a fantastic new logo, an awesome new website, crisp new product images and the best looking team members in Quebec. All of which is very exciting to us!

But what goes into revamping a brand? What’s the thought process? How do you go about capturing the past, present and future of a company with as much history as Jos LeBel Containers?

Many hours of analysis and thought were put into our new image and we’re extremely pleased with the result.

We proudly unveil our new logo to you:


Analyze this!

Let’s take a moment to analyze the different components that make up our new logo.

First, notice the round shape of the logo which automatically reminds you of the top of a drum or the lid of a pail. Circles also indicate continuity, a never-ending cycle. 136 years old and we’re still going strong.

Front and center you’ll find a modernized rendition of a wooden barrel. That’s where Jos LeBel Containers began… with the wooden barrel.

Wooden barrels have been an integral part of Jos LeBel Containers since its inception in 1879.

Our founder, Tancrède LeBel was a cooper by trade; he earned his living by buying, repairing and reselling wooden barrels.

Today, whether being refurbished for resale or used in the construction of elaborate and unique furniture pieces, wooden barrels are still closely linked to Jos LeBel Containers.

Surrounding the wooden barrel, in big, bold letters, we find our name;
Jos LeBel Containers.

Historically, the family name LeBel was used as a surname by the people of the ancient French region of Gascogne in France. It was a name for a person distinguished by great physical beauty. Interestingly, the name LeBel was originally derived for the Old French words, ’’La Belle” which means ” The Beautiful”. We feel all the name accurately portrays our team members! Take a moment to browse our new staff page and see for yourself!

Finally, the phrase “Since 1879”, this is a nod to our longevity. Those two, simple words represent over 136 years of hard work, dedication and commitment to change with the times and our still strong belief in excellent customer service and a passion for packaging.

As a whole, our new logo ties our past and present together beautifully. With its smooth edges, circular shape and clean modern lines it also represents our future.



”Since 1879, the secret to our success is in our containers”